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Versus! Tour de France Stage 11

We found out yesterday that we could add Versus to our extremely cheap cable lineup for only $10/month. I am sure that it is a mistake somehow, but we now have Charter 10Meg Internet, basic digital service (channels 2-13), the discovery channel (23), and the sports package including Versus (212) for only $45/month! Anyway, I’m totally excited that Kristine and I just got to watch the finish of today’s stage live on our very own TV.

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Alabama state time trial champion

From worst to first! Anybody who knows my racing knows that I usually finish towards the bottom end of the group in time trials. Today I turned that around — well, sorta … I placed third today in the 1/2/3 category but since I was the only Cat 1 from Alabama in the race, I guess that makes me the Cat 1 Alabama State Time Trial Champion. I was super happy with my time 59’05 considering I had my training front wheel and a 10-15 year old Spinergy wheel on the back of my road bike for the race.

I had two goals for the race: 1) Break 1 hour for a 40k TT 2) Determine my threshold power by recording my average power for the race. I accomplished both goals, and here are the stats:

2008 Sprott TT - Alabama State Championships

2008 Sprott TT - Alabama State Championships

A few highlights from the race and from the power data:

  1. The course was a pretty flat out/back course. Here you can see the turn-around. Note the power spike which indicates the power it takes to get started again after slowing down for the turn-around.
  2. Here you can see a dramatic drop in the average speed which is indicative of the tailwind that we had on the way out. Many people blew up on the way back in, but I just tried to keep a constant power to match what I did on the way out. Even then, I was getting tired and my average power dropped a bit on the way back in (312 watts on the way out, 301 watts on the way back in)
  3. I started out with a relatively low heart rate but it rose steadily all the way to the end, which is interesting since my average power output was dropping by the end. Any thoughts on that?

Duration: 59:07
Work: 1082 kJ
TSS: 98.4 (intensity factor 1)
Avg Power: 307
VI: 1.01
Pw:HR: 8.95%
Pa:HR: 14.17%
Distance: 24.88 mi
Elev. Gain: 157 ft
Elev. Loss: 151 ft

Min Max Avg
Power: 0 776 305 watts
Heart Rate: 119 191 180 bpm
Cadence: 41 106 89 rpm
Speed: 0 29.5 25.0 mph
Altitude: 489 535 511 ft
Crank Torque: 0 1028 291 lb-in

My teammates did well in the race. Wes Douglas smoked it with a time of 57’50” easily winning the Cat 3 championship and having the 2nd fastest overall time for the day. I was next and Lennie Moon was just 3 seconds behind me for fourth. Darryl Seelhorst was riding really well (on pace for sub 57′) until bad luck caught up to him again with a flat rear tire only 4 miles from the end. Kevin White got 2nd place in the Masters division rolling one of the top times of the day as well. Philip Thompson (Eddy Merckx style with no aero equipment) and Faris Malki both had good rides, too.

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July racing update

Fitchburg-Longsjo was an awesome experience at the beginning of the month. Tomorrow is the Alabama state time trial championships in Sprott, Alabama. Table-top flat and I am looking to get some good time trial training and establish a base level for a 40k time trial since this will be my first one. I am hoping to break one hour, but I am going to focus more on riding a steady effort all the way to the end.

Next weekend is the Alabama state road race and criterium championships up in north Alabama. I am looking for a good result there and a chance to visit friends of ours in the area. Then I am planning on heading to Sylacauga for the Bull’s Gap time trial, which was my very first road cycling event 15 years ago! That takes us through the end of July.

August is going to be super exciting with the Tour de Elk Grove 1/2 amateur stage race with $55,000 prize money as the beginning of the month, and then an awesome regional stage race in Chattanooga (River Gorge) at the end of the month.

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2008 Fitchburg-Longsjo Photos

Update: Unfortunately, I had to remove these pictures because of copyright issues. Oh well. As a substitute, you can hover over any of the links and WordPress will automatically display a preview of the picture.

I think the pictures (follow the links) tell a pretty good story about how the race played out starting with a driving rainstorm for the last few time trial riders; Colavita-Sutter Home at the front driving the field in several of the races; Stefan Rothe winning sprint points; Mike Olheiser riding off the front in the crit; and lots of great racing. Enjoy!

Stage 1 – TT, last riders in the rain
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 2 – Stefan Rothe and Shawn Milne in the day's break
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 3 – Stefan winning sprint points
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 3 – Me and Mike Olheiser going hard up the climb
Photo Credit: talldoofyirish, flickr
Original URL:

Stage 3 – The peleton bunches up on the climb
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 3 – Colavita Sutter Home drives the field
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 3 – Colavita Sutter Home leads onto the roller coaster road
Photo Credit: Action Images
Original URL:

Stage 4 – Mike Olheiser goes it alone to gather up sprint points to protect Stefan’s position in the sprint competition
Photo Credit: lucky3128, webshots
Original URL:

Stage 4 – Mike Olheiser off the front with Harley Davidson
Photo Credit: lucky3128, webshots
Original URL:

Stage 4 – The distinctive 180 degree turn at the top of the course
Photo Credit: lucky3128, webshots
Original URL:

Stage 4 – Travis Sherman well positioned in the group
Photo Credit: lucky3128, webshots
Original URL:

Stage 4 – Me: "how did I get back here again?"
Photo Credit: lucky3128, webshots
Original URL:

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Stage 4 – Downtown Fitchburg Criterium, 2008 Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic

Quick summary: 71st, s.t as winner, moved up to 55th in the general classification, 8 minutes down on the leader. Finished my first NRC stage race!

The stats: Heart rate (157 avg, 180 max), Speed (27.8 avg, 37.0 max), Cadence (88 avg, 138 max), Power (340 avg, 862 max), Climbing (1857′), Time (1:51:25), Distance (51.2 miles)

The details: I wasn’t sure how my legs would be feeling today, but the race wasn’t too bad. It was hard to move around and fight for position, but I felt like I got some more good practice doing it. I tried to help out on one of the early sprint laps and made it up to the Colavita-Sutter Home train but I wasn’t sure what to do then and there were already some guys off the front so I just faded back into the pack.

The rest of the race I tried to move up/surf around but not with much luck. I did make it up to the top 30 towards the end of the race, but that was about as far as I could move up. The last few laps were crazy as there were a few wrecks that you had to dodge. I came to a complete stop for one of them but was able to catch back on to the back of the pack and then move up far enough to finish 71st for the day which moved me up to 55th overall.

I am very satisfied with how the race turned out and thankful to Stephen Collins for funding the trip and Mike Olheiser for inviting me to guest ride with them. For the overall, Stefan Rothe held onto 2nd in the points competition, but Mike slipped to 11th on GC because of a poor decision by the officials to give a Healthnet rider the same time as the winner yesterday even though they crashed farther out than 3k to go (approx 4k to go). Here is my HR data:

2008 Fitchburg-Longsjo Stage 4 Criterium

2008 Fitchburg-Longsjo Stage 4 Criterium

  1. Trying to move up for Stefan
  2. Pretty low heart rate, but still difficult to move
  3. Start of the finishing laps
  4. Speed drops to zero trying to dodge wreck
  5. Finals two laps

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