Injury update and progress

May 14, 2011 at 1:47 pm 2 comments

I’ve been making great progress on my recovery this week. As you can see from the videos below, I am able to ride short distances with one arm. I’ve included a bunch of photos if you click the “Read more…” link if you are viewing this on my blog home page. If you are viewing it on the direct link to the post, then you should already see all the photos below. Some might be kinda gross so you are forewarned!

Sunday photos

These are the photos that Kristine took while I was in the emergency room at Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

Wednesday photos

These are photos from home. The yellow areas are areas where bruising has started to settle in. The eventual scope of the bruising indicates a potential small tear in large muscle (e.g., pectoral muscle). The bruising in my toe was much worse on Wednesday than it had been on previous days. Rode for the first time outside (see first video at the top of the post). Rode very slowly (average speed 10mph).

Thursday photos

The bruising has spread extensively up my neck and down away from my shoulder, which is still really swollen. Toe bruising a little bit better. Rode again with my arm in a sling. Figured out how to climb the hill in front of our house with no hands. Much faster ride (14mph – see second video)

Friday photo

Bruising continues to creep lower.

Saturday photo

Bruising continues to creep lower. Tape from visit with Chris Allison, awesome physical therapist and teammate on Tria Cycling!

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Sandy Springs crash, videos, and race report Recovery update

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  • 1. Kristine Toone  |  May 14, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    You’re crazy. But I love you. So glad you’re feeling better… for all of us :)

  • 2. chad hubbard  |  May 15, 2011 at 7:08 am

    unstoppable!!!! get well soon.


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Garmin locked up towards the end of this ride, lost a mile but ton of elevation added as it adjusted on the restart. Ironic bc I'm trying to do minimal elevation today so I can hit 10,000,000 ft of total gain tomorrow with Boris. Lakeshore foundation. A couple pics of the confluence of two of the Homewood tributaries to shades creek. This is at the end of saulter rd.

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  • @CoachTimHall @briantoone Well, it wasn't NBD :) hardest thing I've ever seen him finish. Last 70 were harder than all other 430. 1 week ago
  • Last - thanks so much for all the encouragement. It meant a ton to know y'all were cheering us on virtually!! #sogladyobedone #HOTS500 1 week ago
  • Here's his comment from Facebook about the last 70 miles. For the record, I was struggling to stay awake behind him. 1 week ago
  • Sorry to leave y'all hanging! @briantoone -rather, WE - finished the brutal effort this am at 3:48, so 31hrs and 48min in 1st place. 1 week ago
  • We've been finishing these last miles from Talladega forever, like 3.5hrs. Currently zig-zagging up a hill on Sicard Hollow. #almosthome 1 week ago

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