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Road Atlanta (Day 1 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

Quick summary – 4th from a seven man break with 3 Team Type 1 riders, 2 Aerocat riders, Oneal Samuels (Litespeed), and me.

The details – There were lots of attacks in the first few laps, but with everybody still fresh, the large field was able to bring back each move. I made it into maybe one or two of these moves, but I was mainly trying to conserve energy. By the third lap, I had noticed a pattern in the field indicating where the best place to attack was – on the second more gradual hill on the course. People were tired from the first super steep (16% max) hill. The subsequent descent meant that you carried a lot of momentum into the second hill. But as the momentum faded, the pack would really slow down.

So on the sixth of nineteen laps (2.5 mile laps), there was a good hard attack coming across the top of the first hill. After the field brought the move back on the descent, I attacked about halfway up to the top of the second hill. Initially, it was me, Alexi Schmidt (Team Type I), Sabastian Cancio (Aerocat), and Oneal Samuels. Alexi was absolutely drilling it leading to our fastest lap (27.8mph). I looked behind and the field was split up with several small chase groups forming. After about a lap, only one chase group was left – Dan Holt (TT1), Joey Rosskopf (TT1), and Sergei Tetkov (Aerocat). By the time they bridged up to us, our gap was up to 20 seconds. On the next lap, it had grown to 50 seconds. Then it gradually extended all the way to 3 minutes by the end of the race.

With 3 laps to go, Joey Rosskopf attacked and got away solo. Initially, it was Sabastian, Sergei, Oneal, and I working together to bring him back. But then with 2 laps to go, there was an attack on the initial hill that pretty much meant that Oneal and I were done working. Sabastian went to the front and drilled it for a lap finally bringing back Joey on the last lap. There was an immediate counterattack that gapped Oneal, Joey, and me. Up the road were Sergei (Aerocat), Alexi (TT1), and Dan (TT1). With less than 2 miles left in the race, I hit it hard on the downhill and then Oneal came around to finish closing the gap to front 3. So it was altogether again going into the steep downhill, short kicker hill, and final downhill leading into the long drag sprint. Alexi ended up leading out the sprint after Sergei closed a gap to Dan who had attacked. I was right on Alexi’s wheel as he kicked it up to 40mph. It was a super long sprint though on a false flat uphill finish, so Oneal came flying by and then at the very end Joey also came around. So Oneal took the win, with Joey second, and Alexi third. I had to settle for fourth as I wasn’t able to come around Alexi.

Power and heartrate data coming tomorrow … I’ll include one screenshot from GoldenCheetah for now…

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Huntsville Omnium Day 2

Masters 35+ criterium
Very small field led to a slow start as nobody wanted to be the first to attack. Then the organizers rang the bell for a $50 prime, and that got the ball rolling. Travis Werts (Sonic) took the prime with me just behind. We coalesced into a break of four, but the other riders chased back on. I tried attacking a few times, but my legs were definitely feeling sluggish from yesterday’s races. In the end, I decided to wait it out for the sprint. Britton (Sonic) led it out for his teammate Travis, but Shawn and I were in between. Shawn came around Britton first with me following close behind. When I pulled out from behind Shawn to come around for the finish line, Shawn gave it an extra kick and was able to hold on by maybe half a wheel. Travis was also in the process of coming around me, but I was able to hold on by half a wheel in front of him. So it was a close finish for 1-2-3.

P/1/2/3/4 criterium
The Huntsville omnium has a unique points system that allows people to earn points towards the overall omnium in each race that they do. So if you can double (or triple) up in multiple races, then you can earn a lot of points. Also, the P/1/2 criterium also allows 3s and 4s to give them a chance to double up (potentially 3 races in one day if a 3 or a 4 was also eligible for Masters 35+). The field was larger, maybe 20 people, and started out faster than the morning masters race. The wind was a bit stiffer, too. My entire goal for the race was to hold onto the omnium lead. Chris Brown (Litespeed) was 7 points behind me going into the race, so I just needed to mark him. Unfortunately, he snagged a 10 point mid-race prime. I was second behind him, but the prime was only for the first rider across the line. Then at the finish, with each position only a one point separation, I went ahead and led out my teammate Pat so he could get the win. And I came in third right behind Chris who got second. This meant that I lost the omnium by 4 points. Frustrating. Great win for Pat, though … two days in a row!

Also, my powertap stopped working before the start of the P/1/2/3/4 race and only made it a few minutes into the masters race, so no power data, but there is interactive ride data on Strava below:

Masters 35+ race –
Pro/1/2/3/4 race –

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Huntsville Omnium Day 1

Pro/1/2 road race
I wrote last night that I was hoping to report on more wins this weekend, and I am happy to report that my teammate Pat Allison took the Pro/1/2 road race win this morning. Quick summary of the race – Pat initiated the break by rolling off with Bryant Funston (Marx and Bensdorf) at the start of the second of six 10 mile laps. This was after an initial lap full of breaks, well covered by teammates Mike Lackey, Chris Allison, and Stuart Lamp. Pat and Bryant extended their lead to a minute and a half by the end of the second lap. It was at this point that Will Fyfe (BBC) put in a strong solo move. About a minute or two later, Jake Andrews put in a good attack with one other rider. This was on a long uphill drag. Chris Brown (Litespeed) and a Krystal rider counter attacked as the field caught Jake. I was on Chris’s wheel when he attacked so there was quickly three of us rapidly approaching Will. Will hopped on when we caught him making a chase group of four. We had a good 30 seconds on the field. With a teammate up the road, I limited my work mainly to just pulling through and a couple times skipping rotation. It took more than one complete lap, but eventually we made it up to Pat and Bryant. During this time, however, the field had closed the gap down to 50 seconds at one point. As we sorted out the rotations in the somewhat windy conditions and settled into a good rhythm, the six of us extended the lead back up to 2 minutes. Towards the beginning of the last lap, there was lots of attacking. Our break kept coming back together, though, so eventually we started rotating well again. Then with about 3 miles to go, there was an attack that brought us down to 5 riders. I was hurting from all the attacks that the others in the break had made so I had to change my original plan (to attack a lot in the last few miles) down to one attack with about a mile to go. I figured this would force the other breakaway riders to chase me while Pat could just ride wheels. This worked great and since I was already tired from my attack and had very little chance in the sprint, I went ahead and led out the sprint as well. Pat timed it perfectly to come around for the win. I came in behind Chris and the Krystal rider.

Pro/1/2 road race performance data – Here is the link to the interactive ride data from Strava –

Masters 35+ road race
This race started out with Ron Williams (Alabama Masters) taking a solo flyer for pretty much a whole lap. Then after he was caught, he went again with one other rider – Shawn Dobbs (Weber). Not very many people were willing to work so it ended up being Chris Brown (Litespeed), Travis Werts (Sonic), and I rotating through at the front of the group. We were slowly bringing back the gap, but everyone else in the group was along for the free ride. This wasn’t going to work, so Chris attacked hard coming out of the first turn on the course. The two of us quickly had a gap and worked very painfully hard to bridge up to Ron and Shawn by the end of the long straightaway between the first turn and the second turn. At this point, there were only two more laps left in the race and we worked very well together until about 3/4 of the way through the last lap taking our lead up from just 25 seconds when we made the bridge to 2.5 minutes on the last lap. About 3/4 of the way through that lap, Shawn attacked at about the exact same spot I had been planning on attacking. I am glad I didn’t though because in the chase, I cramped up in both legs. Fortunately, the pace slowed down once we caught Shawn, and the cramps subsided. From this point to the end (about 3 miles), I was going to do everything I could to not do any work so that I could maybe have one more burst in the legs for the finishing sprint. This strategy worked well, but it was only good enough for second (barely – see photo) as Chris Brown took the win.

Huntsville Masters 35+ road race performance data from Strava – Here is the link for the interactive ride data –

Time trial
This was an interesting time trial at only 1k long. I knew that it would be a short intense effort, but I went out way too hard and cramped in my right leg. So I sat up and soft-pedaled the rest of the race. Unfortunately, I think that is going to cost me a lot in the omnium because the time trial was weighted heavily. I can only hope that enough people didn’t do the time trial for me to still score high enough to have a shot at the overall tomorrow.

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Huntsville Speedway Omnium

One lap of the speedway – about 500 meters

Strava ride map including warm-up on Green Mountain. Here is a link to all my data from the ride and race –

Cool-down lap with Josiah

Happy to write up a quick report that I won the Huntsville Speedway Omnium this evening to kick off a weekend of racing in Huntsville, Alabama. There were only six of us in the race, but that made for a good safe field size. There were five events run pretty much one right after the other with 5-10 minutes of rest between each event. There were some big storm clouds all around, but the little track stayed dry for the entire time that we were out there.

Race #1 – Scratch Race
This was a fifteen lap race with omnium points awarded to the first five riders across the line at the end of the race. With two riders from Marx and Bensdorf (Bryant Funston and Jeremy Nagoshiner), I needed to make sure to watch for any 1-2 attacks. I made it into an early move with Bryant that separated us from the other four riders, but it came back together again about a lap or two later. I attacked hard halfway through the last lap thinking that if I carried enough speed into the final corner that it would be really hard for anyone to come around. The gamble paid off and I was able to take the sprint win ahead of Bryant.

Race #2 – Points Race
With thunderstorms looming, this was shortened from 25 laps to 15 laps with points awarded every five laps. For the first intermediate sprint with 10 laps to go, I tried the same strategy from the first race, but Bryant was able to come around me out of the last turn so he took maximum points with me second. Then with five laps to go, I was able to win that one by attacking early in the first corner. For the final sprint, I had a bit of luck as Bryant pulled out of his pedal going into the last turn. So I was able to get maximum points on the last one to take the points race win.

Race #3 – Miss and out
This was probably the trickiest race as we completed 5 laps before the “miss and out” started. From that point on, the last rider across the line each lap was eliminated. Then when we were down to three riders (me, Bryant, and Jeremy), we did two more laps. Jeremy drilled it hard, and then I came around him to start the sprint, but Bryant was able to come around me to take the win with me second, Jeremy third.

Race #4 – Unknown distance
I was starting to feel a bit tired at this point, so I switched strategies to try to mark Bryant since he and I were really close on points. I was going to let anybody else go up the road, but not him or Jeremy. Adam took a flyer once we made it to the mystery laps where they could ring the bell on any lap to end the race on the next lap. He held onto his gap I believe for two or three laps, which was enough for the win because they ring the bell on Lap #12 or #13. It was hard to keep track because the laps went by so quickly (about 30 seconds per lap). Bryant got the jump on me in the sprint, so this time I tried to go high on the track and come around but couldn’t quite do it. So he took second with me third.

Race #5 – Team pursuit
This was a REALLY fun event. With such a small field and only two riders from the same team, we split up into teams of 3 based on USAC license category. I had Adam and Dave. Bryant had his teammate Jeremy and Eric Wright from Gadsden. The format was interesting as omnium points were only awarded to the first rider from each team across the line. But there was also $20 on the line for the winning team. At this point, I still believe that Bryant and I were tied on points going into this race, but the officials had me down with a 1 point lead. Either way, if Bryant’s team won we would be tied and he would also win the tie breaker, but if our team won then I would win the omnium outright.

My team had decided to rotate through going into opposite corners. The rider leading our team would simply ride straight slightly up the embankment while the other two behind would pull through on the inside. This enabled gravity to assist the rider coming off the front to rejoin the paceline more easily. The race was 10 laps long, and the three of us stayed together for about half the race, whereas Bryant’s team lost a rider on the first lap. Still, their team was pulling ahead of us by maybe 5-10 bike lengths (maybe 2 or 3 seconds). About halfway through the race, we lost a teammate so it was down to just me and Adam for the last five laps. With 4 laps to go, Adam said “whole lap” and he drilled it super hard for the entire lap instead of the half laps that we had been doing. Then when he pulled off, I shot around him to do the last three laps to try to catch back up with Bryant who was also on his own by this point. I gained a lot of ground on the first lap and it was close by the second lap, but I believe he was still ahead. Then with one lap to go I sprinted as hard as I could at that point and was able to edge him out by 1/2 of a second. So our team won the pursuit, and I won the omnium!

I was really looking forward to analyzing the power data for the races, but my Powertap cut out halfway through the first race!!! I don’t know if it was a battery issue, or if there was some interference that caused the Garmin to lose the signal, or if the silly thing broke during the race. Oh well, maybe it will be working again tomorrow. Lots of racing tomorrow, and I should have a write-up out sometime on Monday. It would be awesome to have another win to report back on – going to give it my best shot!

Here is my Strava segment data (There are warm-up, cool-down, and in between race laps in the data as well).

Lap    Dist   Speed    Power     HR      Time
Lap 1  0.3 mi 25.1 mph 247 watts 142 bpm 0:00:41
Lap 2  0.3 mi 23.9 mph 233 watts 148 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 3  0.3 mi 21.9 mph 178 watts 140 bpm 0:00:47
Lap 4  0.3 mi 19.4 mph 199 watts 136 bpm 0:00:53
Lap 5  0.3 mi 23.9 mph 236 watts 142 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 6  0.3 mi 17.4 mph 144 watts 139 bpm 0:00:59
Lap 7  0.3 mi 20.2 mph 167 watts 136 bpm 0:00:51
Lap 8  0.3 mi 17.1 mph 181 watts 134 bpm 0:01:00
Lap 9  0.3 mi 24.5 mph 287 watts 143 bpm 0:00:42
Lap 10 0.3 mi 19.8 mph 156 watts 150 bpm 0:00:52
Lap 11 0.3 mi 23.4 mph 223 watts 142 bpm 0:00:44
Lap 12 0.3 mi 22.4 mph 194 watts 144 bpm 0:00:46
Lap 13 0.3 mi 23.9 mph 188 watts 147 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 14 0.3 mi 16.6 mph 128 watts 134 bpm 0:01:02
Lap 15 0.3 mi 17.1 mph 142 watts 131 bpm 0:01:00
Lap 16 0.3 mi 18.4 mph 170 watts 132 bpm 0:00:56
Lap 17 0.3 mi 20.2 mph 190 watts 137 bpm 0:00:51
Lap 18 0.3 mi 18.7 mph 179 watts 136 bpm 0:00:55
Lap 19 0.3 mi 16.9 mph 74 watts 129 bpm 0:01:01
Lap 20 0.3 mi 3.1 mph 76 watts 122 bpm 0:05:32
Lap 21 0.3 mi 14.3 mph 109 watts 134 bpm 0:01:12
Lap 22 0.3 mi 18.0 mph 172 watts 141 bpm 0:00:57
Lap 23 0.3 mi 23.9 mph 245 watts 154 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 24 0.3 mi 29.4 mph 326 watts 163 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 25 0.3 mi 29.4 mph 271 watts 169 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 26 0.3 mi 26.4 mph 271 watts 169 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 27 0.3 mi 29.4 mph 501 watts 175 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 28 0.3 mi 28.6 mph 367 watts 181 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 29 0.3 mi 27.1 mph 264 watts 179 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 30 0.3 mi 26.4 mph 307 watts 172 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 31 0.3 mi 28.6 mph 402 watts 174 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 32 0.3 mi 29.4 mph 359 watts 180 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 33 0.3 mi 27.1 mph 277 watts 178 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 34 0.3 mi 27.1 mph 313 watts 177 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 35 0.3 mi 25.7 mph 234 watts 177 bpm 0:00:40
Lap 36 0.2 mi 29.4 mph  0 watts 175 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 37 0.3 mi 27.1 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 38 0.3 mi 21.4 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:48
Lap 39 0.2 mi 28.6 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 40 0.3 mi 23.4 mph  0 watts 171 bpm 0:00:44
Lap 41 0.3 mi 36.7 mph  0 watts 181 bpm 0:00:28
Lap 42 0.3 mi 15.8 mph  0 watts 175 bpm 0:01:05
Lap 43 0.2 mi 16.3 mph  0 watts 154 bpm 0:01:03
Lap 44 0.3 mi 14.9 mph  0 watts 143 bpm 0:01:09
Lap 45 0.3 mi 15.8 mph  0 watts 137 bpm 0:01:05
Lap 46 0.3 mi 22.9 mph  0 watts 154 bpm 0:00:45
Lap 47 0.3 mi 21.4 mph  0 watts 160 bpm 0:00:48
Lap 48 0.3 mi 21.0 mph  0 watts 159 bpm 0:00:49
Lap 49 0.3 mi 24.5 mph  0 watts 162 bpm 0:00:42
Lap 50 0.3 mi 26.4 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 51 0.3 mi 34.3 mph  0 watts 182 bpm 0:00:30
Lap 52 0.3 mi 28.6 mph  0 watts 183 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 53 0.3 mi 23.4 mph  0 watts 171 bpm 0:00:44
Lap 54 0.3 mi 23.4 mph  0 watts 164 bpm 0:00:44
Lap 55 0.3 mi 28.6 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 56 0.3 mi 32.1 mph  0 watts 182 bpm 0:00:32
Lap 57 0.3 mi 25.1 mph  0 watts 182 bpm 0:00:41
Lap 58 0.3 mi 22.4 mph  0 watts 171 bpm 0:00:46
Lap 59 0.3 mi 25.7 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:40
Lap 60 0.4 mi 20.2 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:51
Lap 61 0.4 mi 19.4 mph  0 watts 169 bpm 0:00:53
Lap 62 0.3 mi 25.7 mph  0 watts 174 bpm 0:00:40
Lap 63 0.3 mi 17.1 mph  0 watts 171 bpm 0:01:00
Lap 64 0.3 mi 4.8 mph  0 watts 143 bpm 0:03:33
Lap 65 0.3 mi 12.0 mph  0 watts 132 bpm 0:01:26
Lap 66 0.3 mi 15.6 mph  0 watts 134 bpm 0:01:06
Lap 67 0.3 mi 17.4 mph  0 watts 136 bpm 0:00:59
Lap 68 0.3 mi 16.9 mph  0 watts 140 bpm 0:01:01
Lap 69 0.3 mi 12.2 mph  0 watts 139 bpm 0:01:24
Lap 70 0.3 mi 18.0 mph  0 watts 152 bpm 0:00:57
Lap 71 0.3 mi 29.4 mph  0 watts 165 bpm 0:00:35
Lap 72 0.3 mi 23.9 mph  0 watts 169 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 73 0.3 mi 24.5 mph  0 watts 167 bpm 0:00:42
Lap 74 0.3 mi 22.9 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:45
Lap 75 0.3 mi 31.2 mph  0 watts 172 bpm 0:00:33
Lap 76 0.3 mi 27.1 mph  0 watts 174 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 77 0.3 mi 28.6 mph  0 watts 179 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 78 0.3 mi 23.9 mph  0 watts 179 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 79 0.3 mi 27.8 mph  0 watts 178 bpm 0:00:37
Lap 80 0.3 mi 27.8 mph  0 watts 180 bpm 0:00:37
Lap 81 0.3 mi 17.4 mph  0 watts 172 bpm 0:00:59
Lap 82 0.3 mi 5.9 mph  0 watts 140 bpm 0:02:53
Lap 83 0.2 mi 20.6 mph  0 watts 133 bpm 0:00:50
Lap 84 0.3 mi 10.9 mph  0 watts 128 bpm 0:01:34
Lap 85 0.3 mi 12.5 mph  0 watts 130 bpm 0:01:22
Lap 86 0.3 mi 9.1 mph  0 watts 128 bpm 0:01:53
Lap 87 0.3 mi 13.2 mph  0 watts 137 bpm 0:01:18
Lap 88 0.3 mi 21.4 mph  0 watts 152 bpm 0:00:48
Lap 89 0.3 mi 21.4 mph  0 watts 153 bpm 0:00:48
Lap 90 0.3 mi 26.4 mph  0 watts 160 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 91 0.3 mi 24.5 mph  0 watts 165 bpm 0:00:42
Lap 92 0.3 mi 22.9 mph  0 watts 161 bpm 0:00:45
Lap 93 0.3 mi 25.1 mph  0 watts 163 bpm 0:00:41
Lap 94 0.3 mi 30.2 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:34
Lap 95 0.3 mi 21.9 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:47
Lap 96 0.3 mi 21.0 mph  0 watts 160 bpm 0:00:49
Lap 97 0.3 mi 21.9 mph  0 watts 157 bpm 0:00:47
Lap 98 0.3 mi 27.1 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:38
Lap 99 0.3 mi 26.4 mph  0 watts 167 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 100 0.3 mi 28.6 mph  0 watts 179 bpm 0:00:36
Lap 101 0.3 mi 17.1 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:01:00
Lap 102 0.3 mi 7.5 mph  0 watts 144 bpm 0:02:18
Lap 103 0.3 mi 8.4 mph  0 watts 123 bpm 0:02:03
Lap 104 0.3 mi 10.6 mph  0 watts 122 bpm 0:01:37
Lap 105 0.3 mi 11.6 mph  0 watts 120 bpm 0:01:29
Lap 106 0.3 mi 11.1 mph  0 watts 122 bpm 0:01:33
Lap 107 0.3 mi 11.1 mph  0 watts 124 bpm 0:01:33
Lap 108 0.3 mi 4.3 mph  0 watts 123 bpm 0:03:59
Lap 109 0.3 mi 3.4 mph  0 watts 127 bpm 0:05:02
Lap 110 0.3 mi 31.2 mph  0 watts 162 bpm 0:00:33
Lap 111 0.3 mi 23.9 mph  0 watts 167 bpm 0:00:43
Lap 112 0.4 mi 20.6 mph  0 watts 168 bpm 0:00:50
Lap 113 0.4 mi 20.2 mph  0 watts 169 bpm 0:00:51
Lap 114 0.3 mi 25.1 mph  0 watts 170 bpm 0:00:41
Lap 115 0.3 mi 31.2 mph  0 watts 171 bpm 0:00:33
Lap 116 0.3 mi 25.1 mph  0 watts 174 bpm 0:00:41
Lap 117 0.2 mi 33.2 mph  0 watts 176 bpm 0:00:31
Lap 118 0.3 mi 31.2 mph  0 watts 180 bpm 0:00:33
Lap 119 0.3 mi 26.4 mph  0 watts 182 bpm 0:00:39
Lap 120 0.3 mi 10.7 mph  0 watts 157 bpm 0:01:36
Lap 121 0.3 mi 4.4 mph  0 watts 131 bpm 0:03:54
Lap 122 0.4 mi 6.3 mph  0 watts 124 bpm 0:02:44
Lap 123 0.3 mi 6.2 mph  0 watts 124 bpm 0:02:45

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July training and racing

Back from our long trip to Wisconsin to visit family and race the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland, we have settled into a really nice routine back here in Birmingham. In the mornings, Kristine goes for a run while I am still waking up and feeding the kids breakfast watching the live coverage of the Tour de France. Then when Kristine gets back from running, I usually go for a 2-4 hour ride to finish in time to watch the second replay coverage on versus of the day’s Tour de France stage in about the same spot where I left off the morning live coverage.

On today’s ride, I set two new KOMs (fastest lap in my neighborhood plus the Verdure climb). Check out the map with annotated gradients on the elevation profile. Also, I named a loop on the ride after “Tornado” Tom Boonen who had to abandon today’s tour stage because of injuries sustained in a wreck two days ago. Also, I named one of the sections after Bradley Wiggins, who broke his collar bone in today’s stage.

Annotated map of a Hoover climbing route

Then, in the afternoon, I sometimes go for another ride – e.g., yesterday’s Twitter ride with Jamie Butler.

Twitter ride with Jamie Butler – lots of climbing!

Ok, enough procrastinating, back to work! Almost forgot, two upcoming races I am really looking forward to:

July 15-17 – Huntsville racing
July 20-24 – Georgia cycling gran prix
July 30 – (hopefully) Presbyterian Invitational

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Jefferson county. Most of this ride was reasonable, but the last 2 hours were like an inferno. Beautiful view from the cliffs.

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