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Pepper Place 2008

Get ready Birmingham for some fast racing this Saturday night! I want a lot of people to be there to cheer everyone on so I’m going to start out with the quick details and directions to the race.

Quick Details

Check out the official 2008 Pepper Place Race Flyer online.

Saturday, September 13, 2008 – 8:45 PM

My race is at 8:45pm and it will last about an hour. Lennie Moon (along with several other of my teammates) is racing my race as well as a race earlier in the evening at 6:30pm. There are kids races even earlier in the day at 2:00pm. Analise and Josiah are both going to race! Former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis will be at the races and making guest appearances throughout the night.

The address of a good place to park is:

2817  2nd Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233


From 280 at the Summit, head west towards Birmingham
Follow 280 onto Red Mountain Expressway into downtown Birmingham
Exit 280 at the 3rd/4th Avenue South exit (maybe 1/2 mile past St. Vincents Hospital)
At the end of the ramp, turn left onto 27th St
Turn right onto 2nd Ave South
The race course will be immediately in front of you
Look for parking on the street on 2nd Ave, 28th St, or any of the parking lots nearby
A large (hopefully!) group of my friends and family will be on the corner of 2nd Ave and 28th St.

2008 Pepper Place Criterium (Turns are numbered)

2008 Pepper Place Criterium (Click on the picture for a larger map)

2007 Pepper Place - Analise's first race!

2007 Pepper Place - Analise's first race

2007 Pepper Place - Hoping to improve on my 10th place finish last year

2007 Pepper Place - Hoping to improve on my 10th place finish last year.

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Racing in the South

Well, it’s been a few weeks now, but the next few weeks I am racing in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee starting this weekend with the Cuba-Meridian Challenge in Meridian, Mississippi and Cuba, Alabama. Next weekend is the River Gorge Omnium in Chattanooga, Tennessee followed by a few weeks off before our hometown race – the Pepper Place crit in downtown Birmingham. Stay tuned for more details!

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Heading to Chicago!

Quick update: We made it into Aurora late last night after 14 HOURS in the car yesterday. After a good night’s sleep, Kristine took the kids with our friends to play at a children’s garden/playground nearby, and I am getting caught up on a few things. Later this afternoon I’ll be driving part of the way to Elk Grove and then biking the rest of the way to get a good ride in today and then watch the Pro prologue time trial. The elite amateur race doesn’t start until tomorrow so I’ve got an additional day to recover from the drive up yesterday.

Well, it’s the night before our last major racing trip of the year. Don’t worry – I’ve still got lots more racing to come after this weekend, but this is the last LONG (i.e., >10 hours) trip that we are making. We’ll be pulling out mid-morning tomorrow to drive all the way to Aurora, Illinois to stay with friends of our that have kids the same age as ours. We’re going to try to time our arrival for a little bit after their kids go to sleep – otherwise our kids would be so wound up with excitement they’d probably never go to sleep! Here’s our route:

Birmingham, Alabama to Aurora, Illinois - 730 miles, 11-12 hours (w/ kids)!

Birmingham, Alabama to Aurora, Illinois - 730 miles, 11-12 hours (w/ kids)!

The race I am heading up to do is the Tour of Elk Grove, which has a huge prize purse of $35,000 for the 2-day amateur stage race ($35,000). That purse is just for the Cat 1-2 field! There is lots of prize money for the other fields, too — including the separate Pro-only race which has $170,000 for that field. The courses are pretty much table-top flat with some good corners on excellent smooth pavement (in 2007 – but Chicago winters are hard, who knows what the road will be like this year!). With so much prize money on offer, it will be hard for a break to get away unless it has the perfect representation from the major teams at the race. Since it is a timed stage race, the sprint time bonuses at the midpoint and end of each race will play a huge part in determing the overall placings. Look for updates, photos, and race reports over the next few days.

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Alabama State Road Race and Criterium Championships

We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to head up to Hartselle, Alabama for the state road race. 72 miles, 4 laps of an 18 mile course. After the race we’re heading over to Guntersville, Alabama to stay with the McCrory’s whom we haven’t seen in a while so we’re looking forward to catching up with them and maybe getting to go to church with them Sunday morning … before Josiah’s first bicycle race, ever! Analise is racing, too, and then I’ll get to race at 2:00 (although my race will be a bit longer than theirs!)

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July racing update

Fitchburg-Longsjo was an awesome experience at the beginning of the month. Tomorrow is the Alabama state time trial championships in Sprott, Alabama. Table-top flat and I am looking to get some good time trial training and establish a base level for a 40k time trial since this will be my first one. I am hoping to break one hour, but I am going to focus more on riding a steady effort all the way to the end.

Next weekend is the Alabama state road race and criterium championships up in north Alabama. I am looking for a good result there and a chance to visit friends of ours in the area. Then I am planning on heading to Sylacauga for the Bull’s Gap time trial, which was my very first road cycling event 15 years ago! That takes us through the end of July.

August is going to be super exciting with the Tour de Elk Grove 1/2 amateur stage race with $55,000 prize money as the beginning of the month, and then an awesome regional stage race in Chattanooga (River Gorge) at the end of the month.

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