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Athens, Roswell power and lap data

I am too tired to write up my race report tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and upload my power and heartrate data. I’ll be working on a full race report tomorrow!

Athens Twilight heartrate summary

Roswell Criterium heartrate summary

2011 Athens Twilight heartrate data

2011 Roswell Criterium heartrate data

I had crashes in both races that stopped my powermeter from working. In Athens, I had a front flat and the replacement wheel did not have a speed sensor. The speed data that I have for Athens is from my Garmin using the GPS. There was a lot of interference which led to speed spikes in the data. The power data is from my iBike, which won’t work without a speed sensor. Same thing happened in Roswell except this time it was my entire bike that no longer worked, and I had to switch to neutral bike. Luckily, I remembered to take my Garmin off and put it in my jersey pocket for the rest of the race so I could get heartrate and speed data – but no power data.

---------Athens Twilight 2011 ---------
Dist:       11.00 mi (0:24:10)
Energy:     367.4 kJ
Cals Burn:  351.3 kcal
Climbing:     442 ft
Braking:   -115.2 kJ (-31.3%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  253.4  2372  W
Aero        0  125.7  4439  W
Rolling     0   49.9    63  W
Gravity  -948  -72.9   554  W
Speed     0.0   27.3  34.3  mi/h
Wind      0.0   15.0  84.5  mi/h
Elev      438    471   510  ft
Slope   -57.4  -0.80  12.8  %
Caden       4   76.9   105  rpm
HR        124  179.7   187  bpm
NP 318 W; IF 1.058; TSS 45.1
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/30/2011 7:28 PM
79 degF; 1013 mbar
-------- Roswell Criterium 2011 ---------
Dist:       17.69 mi (0:40:01)
Energy:     586.7 kJ
Cals Burn:  560.9 kcal
Climbing:     428 ft
Braking:    -95.6 kJ (-16.3%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  244.3  1225  W
Aero        0   64.1  1494  W
Rolling     0   48.5    67  W
Gravity  -531  -35.0   486  W
Speed     0.0   26.5  36.7  mi/h
Wind      0.0   13.0  49.1  mi/h
Elev      819    840   863  ft
Slope    -6.1  -0.39   7.3  %
Caden       0   80.8   117  rpm
HR         84  165.7   177  bpm
NP 294 W; IF 0.981; TSS 64.2
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 5/1/2011 4:45 PM
85 degF; 1013 mbar

2011 Athens Twilight power data

2011 Roswell Criterium power data

Finally, here are the links to the Strava data for both races:

Athens Twilight -
Roswell Criterium -

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Barbers Ride to Live Race Reports

Wow, what a great day! This picture about says it all. My teammate Pat Allison won the Pro/1/2/3 race, and I managed to hold on for 3rd after putting in an attack on the last hill. Travis Sherman rode strong to finish 2nd after having won the Masters 30+ race earlier in the day.

Before I go into the details from the races, here is a quick summary. We fielded large teams for both the Masters 30+ race and the Pro/1/2/3 race. My teammate Wes Douglas made it into an early break with Joe Ruf from Madison and Travis Sherman (Marx and Bensdorf). Wes eventually took third with Travis taking the win. I attacked with two laps to go and then broke away from our chase group to take 4th.

For the Pro/1/2/3 race, we took 1st (Pat Allison), 3rd (Me), 6th (Terry Duran), 7th (Stuart Lamp), and 9th (Darryl Seelhorst). Pat and I bridged up to the winning break on the 2nd lap, and for a while we had five guys in the break. Eventually we finished with 3 guys in the break working our numbers perfectly to get the win!

The details – Masters 30+
For the Masters 30+ race, we lined up with six guys and were aggressive throughout the race. Wes made it into the day’s winning breakaway with Travis and Joe from Madison. Once their break was established, I decided to sit in and mark the strong guys to get the free ride across if they attacked. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much attacking so we lost our advantage in numbers as Wes was on his own to battle it out with Travis and Joe. With three laps to go, one of the Pacesetter Steel riders attacked hard, and I covered it. But the pack was still fresh enough to reel us back in. Then with two laps to go, I drifted to the back and then attacked into the headwind after the first turn. I bridged to another Pacesetter Steel rider who was already off the front bringing Will Hibberts (Alabama Masters) and Travis Werts (Sonic) with me. We worked together for a lap, but then I was feeling that our pace wasn’t fast enough so I attacked again on the last lap. Only Travis Werts was able to come with me and then came off on the last hill. So I rolled in for fourth. Sammy did well in the field sprint for 10th.

2011 Barbers Masters 30+ heartrate summary

2011 Barbers Masters 30+ heartrate data

The details – Pro/1/2/3
We had eleven guys line up for the start of this race. I think that is the most riders we have ever had in one race! We raced this race pretty much to perfection as we were attacking and covering everything. I countered one of Stuart’s attacks at the end of the first lap and only managed to string out the field. Coming through the start/finish, there was a counter attack to my attack and we had 3 guys cover the move — Terry, Darryl, and Paul. Also in the break were Travis Werts, Travis Sherman, and Joe Ruf from Madison. The break was working well together and starting to establish itself. Meanwhile, back in the group we took turns covering moves.

Towards the end of the second lap, Ed Whitehorn (Velocity Pro Cycles) attacked and Pat covered it. They got a good gap right away and we were on the most difficult part of the course, so I decided to bridge across to it. I got away cleanly from the field and as I came up to Pat, I yelled “Let’s go!”. Pat thought the entire field was still there so I went flying right by. As soon as Pat realized that we had a good gap, he attacked the small group he was in and bridged back up to me. So the two of us were away. We caught up to the break into the strong headwind after turn 1. We came up fast and tried to rally the troops, but some of the guys in the break were already struggling when we tried to ramp up the pace. The end result was that we lost one of our own riders (Darryl) from the break and disrupted the rhythm of the break temporarily. It was a tricky situation because we did ramp the pace up quite a bit, which we definitely needed to do in order to get enough of a gap before the corkscrew downhill where the pack would make up some time on us if they were chasing hard.

Within half a lap, though, we had settled in and started a good rotation and had started to put some good time into the field. We continued at a blistering pace working well together all the way until just before the start of the last lap. Travis Sherman knew that we would begin attacking so he decided to jump the gun and put in his own attack possibly to see if he could reduce the odds against him. Pat led the charge and chased Travis down as the rest of us strung out behind. Travis attacked again before the corkscrew. Then coming into the headwind after the cork screw, my teammate Terry Duran put in a perfect attack because it forced Travis to chase. We caught Terry at the base of the final hill, so I put in a counter attack right away. I was pretty much dying by this point so I wasn’t going that much faster but it was enough to get a gap to force Travis to chase again with Pat sitting on his wheel. Coming down the finishing stretch, Travis closed the gap to me and came around, but Pat was waiting and came around easily taking the sprint by several bike lengths. My initial attack had given us enough of a gap that I was able to hold on for third with Travis Werts charging hard for fourth followed by Joe Ruf and Terry.

Kristine told me after the race that Tria was all over everything back in the field, covering every single move that tried to get away from the group. At the end of the race, Stuart attacked on the last hill and was able to stay away for 7th place with Jan Kolar just behind. Then Darryl won the field sprint for 9th. So that’s about it, what a great race!

Coming off the last turn into the finishing straight, still with a small gap. Travis still chasing. Photo by Alan Laytham

Travis Sherman finishes closing the gap to me with Pat waiting to take the sprint. Photo by Alan Laytham

Pat Allison takes the win followed by Travis and me. Photo by Monika Duran

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 heartrate summary

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 heartrate data

Here are some videos from the Pro/1/2/3 race courtesy Kristine.

I ran out of battery on my iBike because I had left it running in between races and forgot my iPhone charger so for power data, I only have the first three laps of the Pro/1/2/3 race. I have annotated the attack as follows – 1) My initial attack 2) Waiting for Pat after he attacked to bridge back up to me 3) Finishing the bridge together to the group (400w min through here)

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 iBike power data

Pro/1/2/3 first three laps
Dist:        7.87 mi (0:18:16)
Energy:     329.7 kJ
Cals Burn:  315.2 kcal
Climbing:     248 ft
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  300.8   924  W
Aero        0  152.6   564  W
Rolling    16   47.2    72  W
Gravity -1287    4.3   754  W
Speed     8.6   25.9  39.6  mi/h
Wind      0.0   18.2  34.0  mi/h
Elev      353    386   416  ft
Slope   -10.0   0.05   9.9  %
Caden       9   82.7   106  rpm
HR        118  174.3   192  bpm
NP 344 W; IF 1.148; TSS 40.1
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/23/2011 1:27 PM
88 degF; 1013 mbar

Our entire bridge took just over 1.5 minutes and here are the stats on it:

---------Selection Stats---------
Dist:        0.75 mi (0:01:35)
Energy:      44.2 kJ
Cals Burn:   42.3 kcal
Climbing:      17 ft
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  465.7   893  W
Aero        0  247.7   564  W
Rolling    34   52.0    65  W
Gravity  -647   29.7   706  W
Speed    18.8   28.5  35.3  mi/h
Wind      8.7   21.6  31.6  mi/h
Elev      388    397   409  ft
Slope    -6.5   0.31   9.7  %
Caden      63   84.7    99  rpm
HR        165  182.3   190  bpm
NP 437 W; IF 1.456; TSS 5.6
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/23/2011 1:36 PM
88 degF; 1013 mbar

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Which is tougher? Athens Twilight (USA Crits) or Sunny King (NRC)

Hmmm, just got asked this question by @Nashvillcyclist -

@nashvillcylist – an interesting question

The short answer is that Athens Twilight is the more difficult race because there are so many more variables that have to work out perfectly for a good finish (or even to finish at all). On the other hand, Sunny King is normally harder aerobically because there is no place to rest on the course. If you saw @AdamMyerson’s power data from the previous year’s Twilight race, (link below), you’ll notice that you get a “rest” every lap in Athens Twilight. This is not the case on the Sunny King course, you never really get a chance to rest on that course.

Adam Myerson’s power data for 2010 Athens Twilight

As far as numbers go, here is a side-by-side comparison of both races. I’ve posted my 2009 ride file as that is the only time I have finished. In 2008, I was in a wreck on about lap 60 that stopped the race. My rear derailleur cable was broken in the wreck, and the SRAM neutral bikes had already been given out. I lasted about three more laps in my 53×11 unable to shift and then crashed out for good on Lap #64 coming into turn #1 too hot so that I could try to carry my momentum up the hill on turn #2. I decided to call it a day. In 2009, I had a great race and made it into a late race breakaway very late in the race. When there was an attack from within our break (Heath Blackgrove), I was one of the riders who got caught out. Three riders stayed away with Heath taking the win. The rest of us in the break (maybe five of us) got caught by the field with about 5 laps to go. I finished 24th in the field sprint (27th for the race).

2009 Athens Twilight heartrate summary

2011 Sunny King heartrate summary

Here in tabular form is a side by side comparison

2009 Athens 2009 Sunny 2011 Sunny
Avg speed (mph) 28.0 28.2 27.5
Avg heartrate 175 175 181
Max heartrate 186 186 192
Distance 47.0 41.6 42.0
Total time 1:40:33 1:28:21 1:31:46
# Laps 80 60 60

2009 Athens Twilight heartrate data – annotated

2011 Sunny King NRC Criterium heartrate data – annotated

The last statistic (number of laps) seals the deal for Athens Twilight as the more difficult race. To put it in perspective, the second lap of Athens Twilight is the most difficult lap of the entire race. The first lap bunches up and you are still full of adrenaline. By the second lap, everyone has separated enough for the race to be completely strung out single file through the start/finish line. You are absolutely crushing it as you fly through the start/finish line wondering if you can even hold onto the wheel in front of you. You look up and you see 78 on the lap card, which means you get to go around 78 more times before the finish. Ah yes, this is Athens Twilight.

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Dothan Cityfest Criterium quick summary

Lots of strong teams and strong riders made the journey down to Dothan for this fun, fast, well-organized criterium. The race is part of Dothan Cityfest with tons to do for the kids (everything from pony rides to jump zones) and some great entertainment for the adults too. Our pro/1/2 race had about 50 riders, with many of those riders on one of several strong teams. Team Type I, Mountain Khakis, Aerocat, Global Bike, and Locos all had full squads. We fielded a team with three riders – me, Pat, and Stuart. There were several small teams like ours and then some really fast independent rider (e.g., David Guttenplan). Similar to last year, the race started out with attack after attack. I put in one of the first real attacks on the second lap and then covered a few more on the next laps. Then about 10 laps into the race, there was a slight lull in the pace as everyone was pretty tired from the early attacks. I saw a move materializing just after turn 1 on the hill, and went across to it. We had a six-man break that immediately got a few seconds on the field. I was hurting though from covering earlier moves and so after one pull I just decided to try to hang on. We were caught a couple laps later. At this point, I was toast and hoped that nothing would get away because I needed some serious recovery. Unfortunately, a move did get away a few laps later — a rather large move which eventually swelled to about 15 riders. I wasn’t going to just let the entire race get away, so every time the pace slowed down I went back to the front and just drilled it on the downhill. Fortunately, somebody would always attack through the start/finish so by the time we made it back to the top of the hill and our pace started to slow again, I would come around and hammer down the hill. This kept our pace high enough that we ended up pulling back the break after about 7 laps (judging from my heartrate data). Thankfully, this was close enough to the end of the race that it seemed the larger teams had resigned themselves to a field sprint and began to setup their leadout trains with 10 laps to go. I fought hard for position at the front, always moving up whenever I could, eventually finishing 12th in the field sprint. Ty Magner (Team Type I) crushed the sprint for the win with Thomas Brown and Luke Keough taking 2nd and 3rd for Mountain Khakis.

I’ll post the full report with pictures and videos sometime tomorrow evening. Heartrate data and new for this year, my lap split times based on the Strava GPS data … check it out!

2011 Dothan Cityfest Criterium heartrate data

Strava lap split times with calculated power and heartrate. View the ride interactively on Strava here:

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Tour de Tuscaloosa Crit – Quick Report

We dodged the rain for the Saturday night crit here in Tuscaloosa, and scored a pair of top 10 finishes on the team. Team Type I had a really strong team here, along with Thomas Brown from Mountain Khakis, a strong Hincapie Development team, and strong riders from Herring Gas, Texas Roadhouse, Marx and Bensdorf, Sonic and two collegiate teams (Cumberland University and University of Alabama). There were lots of breaks and attacks, but with the long downhill everything was coming back together. I went a bit too hard at the beginning of the race making it into a couple failed breaks. My teammates Pat Allison and Wes Douglas did a great job covering moves throughout the race. Wes made it into a good looking two man chase just before 5 laps to go, but they got caught on the hill. Pat and I worked our way to the front with Pat taking 4th in the field sprint and me taking 7th in the field sprint. With Joey Rosskopf (Team Type I) powering away on a solo break for the second half of the race, that put us in 5th and 8th place for the race. Fun, fast course, great field, all-in-all a good day. Tomorrow is the Lake Lurleen road race, one of my favorite road race courses, and this year it is going to be our state road race – totally excited.

Here is my heartrate data for the crit -
2011 Tour de Tuscaloosa P/1/2 Criterium heartrate data

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