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GSMR Training Race #1

Excellent weather yesterday for our first team race of the year. About 20-25 guys lined up for the Category A race with our squad represented by me, Pat Allison, Chris Allison, Stuart Lamp, Mike Lackey, and Timo Stark. Other strong teams included Velocity Pro Cycles led by Ed Whitehorn and Preston Beasley; Bob’s Bikes/Alabama Masters with Will Hibberts, Jim Brock, and Miro Novak; Alabama Cycling with a few riders; and one more team with a kit I didn’t recognize, and then a few strong independents.

Ed Whitehorn and I led out the group and rode at an easy pace up and over the first hill. As soon as you crested the hill, you were hit with a pretty strong crosswind, and several riders started to creep up on our somewhat leisurely pace. I could sense an attack coming, and sure enough on the flat section leading into the hill after the first turn, there was an attack which either Mike or Stuart covered. We were wanting to get a couple riders in the break, so when I saw someone else start to jump across I went with them. But it was too early in the race for the group to let us get away and so we were caught.

For the next lap and a half you can cut and paste the previous paragraph as the same scenario played out multiple times with Mike and Stuart covering every move and then me trying to tag along with someone attempting to bridge. Every move got brought back, though. Then on the start of the third lap, our pace slowed again, and I believe it was Jim Brock who launched out on his own. A little while later Stuart attacked with somebody else. Pretty soon it was Stuart alone with three other guys. We wanted to have somebody else from our team in the break, so my teammate Pat Allison attacked and made it across a quickly widening gap with about 10 pedal strokes and tucking on the downhill. It was impressive to watch!

Then another rider started to bridge, and I believe it was Timo who saw it and went with it. The two of them made it across and by this point, the “break” had about 10 riders in it, which meant there was only about 10 riders left in the field as we had dropped about 5 or 6 guys towards the end of lap 1 with all the attacking that had been going on. I liked that we had 3 guys in the break, but I didn’t like that the break was essentially half the field. So I waited until somebody came off of a strong pull on the long gradual downhill after the hill after Turn 1 and drilled it super hard. Somebody who was on my wheel saw it and jumped with me, but that was it. The field started to chase, but our gap was good enough right from the start that we were able to make it across to the break bringing our total to maybe 12 riders?

We finished the bridge at the start of the long hill on the backside of the course. We knew that the break was too big to stay away, so I pulled through hard to keep the pace high, but ended up pulling away from the field. The break organized itself to chase which kept its pace high, and then when they caught back up to me, we got a good rotation going which meant that the field wasn’t going to come back together.

Even though we had a good rotation with 4 out of the 12 riders in the break on our team, I knew that we were better off with a smaller break so that it wasn’t left to a 12 man sprint at the end and so that there would be fewer people chasing any attacks that we might launch. So I kept the pace high and then on the hill leading to the start/finish, we pulled hard enough to cause a separation. I think it came back together though right before the start/finish when there was another move with Will and Pat off the front with a couple other guys. This looked good because everybody was tired. Jim Brock knew it and attacked to bridge. I was right there with him and together the two of us were able to finish the bridge, but Jim popped right at the top of the hill settling the final break of six at that point.

There were six riders in the break – Stuart, Pat, and me from Tria. Will represented Alabama Masters, and then there was Joe from the black/white jersey team and Alex from Alabama Cycling. This was pretty much the perfect scenario for our team with all three of the Cat 1s in the break. We still had the rest of the third lap to finish and then two more laps, so I wanted a nice smooth rotation for us to get a good lead on the field, while giving us enough wiggle room at the end of the race should it come down to any cat/mouse games. That’s exactly what happened with everybody working together extremely well (average speed 25.4mph for the next 2 laps).

Then right before the start of the last lap, I think everybody must have known that since we had numbers we were going to start attacking to try to get somebody away. The pace slowed down quite a bit. When we made it past the start/finish area I was looking for the right time to attack, found it, and only my teammate Pat was able to respond. We had a great gap and pushed it all the way to the finish. Behind us, Will and Stuart were by themselves with Joe and the Alabama rider dropped. Joe ended up bridging to Will and Stuart, and the two of them chased with Stuart able to take it easy and save energy for the finish.

Pat and I decided as fun as it would be to try to practice the tactics of a two-up finish, that it would be better and more enjoyable to simply cross the line together, which we did! (See the attached photo). Behind us Stuart got the jump on Will in the sprint and coming into the last meters it looked like he had it, but Will with a very late burst of speed was able to pass him literally on the line with a bike throw.

The remnants of our original break came back together with the field, and Chris Allison had a great sprint to finish sixth or seventh in the race. All-in-all, it was an AWESOME start to the season with our team placing five riders in the top ten and three riders in the top five.

Pictures, videos, and heartrate data below …

Dist:       48.02 mi (1:55:56)
Climbing:    1754 ft
Energy:    1662.1 kJ
Cals Burn: 1589.0 kcal
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  238.9   820  W
Gravity  -637    1.5   486  W
Speed    10.9   24.9  36.9  mi/h
Wind      7.6   19.7  38.3  mi/h
Elev      574    662   740  ft
Slope    -6.2   0.02   6.4  %
Caden       4   85.7   121  rpm
HR        119  158.6   187  bpm
NP 277 W; IF 0.999; TSS 192.8

Category A start.

Our break with one lap to go.

The second group on the road with one to go.

Pat and I easing our way to a 1-2 finish!

Stuart Lamp and Will Hibberts fighting it out for 3rd.

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2010 Tour de Cullman

Big thanks to Carson Glasscock for another great Tour de Cullman ride/race/party! Lots of folks lined up for the start in front of Carson’s house with Smith Lock, Velocity Pro Cycles, and Tria all having good representation. We rolled out under beautiful weather and made our way through the rolling countryside. I had been sick all week, and my lungs were full of congestion, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.

When we made it across the two-lane plank bridge, my teammate Paul Tower leapt out of the pack first on the steep 10+% opening hill on his commuter box bike with another teammate Stuart Lamp close on his wheel. A BBC rider kept the pressure on in the chase with me waiting on his wheel. Paul and Stuart continued to pull away until Omar Fraser (Smith Lock) came to the front with additional horsepower. Omar led the group as we turned left onto the super steep first hill. My teammate Sammy Flores gave it a go at the bottom of the 12+% hill with an attack, but Omar slowly brought it back. By the top of the 1/2 mile climb, Omar’s steady, hard pace had also brought Stuart back and shelled most of the group. I wasn’t going to be driving the pace today not feeling well, so our pace eased back enough across the top that we had a group of six or seven riders coalesce, but the next hill whittled us back down to five. Omar attacked across the bottom of the hill after that, and only Stuart and I were able to keep up. Ed Whitehorn (Velocity) and David (Smith Lock) clawed their way back up to us. We went hard over all the rollers, and Ed put in a good attack on one of them. I attacked to bridge up, and the two of us started working together, but Omar brought us back.

So our group of five was all back together at the bottom of Skyball: me, Omar, Ed, David, and Stuart. Omar led us onto the climb with a tailwind this year up the climb. Omar pushed the pace hard at the bottom whittling the group down to just three — me, Ed, and Omar. I pulled through towards the end of the false flat / downhill after the first step of the climb. Then Omar came back to the front right as we hit the super steep part turning onto Fat Dunn rd. I felt that I could climb that part faster so I went back to the front and drilled it getting a gap. By the top, I had extended my lead a bit, but I was still worried about the rough road across the top knowing that Omar could make up the ground he lost on the steep part. So I pushed hard all the way until the final turn, final sprint, accordion player, and the finish line. Omar came in a minute or so later with Ed about another minute behind to round out the podium. David and Stuart sprinted it out for fourth with David coming in just ahead of Stuart. Paul came in next — pretty impressive on the box bike — with Kevin just behind him. Then I believe it was James Hall and Rick followed a little bit later by Sammy, who was having an off-day feeling sick, too.

Beautiful tailwind on the way back, awesome pasta dinner and beer party, fun time reminiscing about the ride, the season, and life! Thanks Carson for making this fun event happen year after year!

Check out my heartrate and power data for the KOM portion and the complete ride:

Power data - KOM/race
Dist:       17.26 mi (0:55:38)
Energy:     748.0 kJ
Cals Burn:  715.1 kcal
Climbing:    1988 ft
Braking:     -8.3 kJ (-1.1%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  224.1   765  W
Aero        0   95.2   762  W
Rolling     0   24.8    55  W
Gravity -1505   47.7   658  W
Speed     0.0   18.6  41.3  mi/h
Wind      9.7   18.2  35.6  mi/h
Elev      244    559   952  ft
Slope   -11.0   0.75  15.2  %
Caden       0   77.3   141  rpm
HR         94  162.1   190  bpm
NP 298 W; IF 1.076; TSS 107.3
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0039
173 lbs; 10/23/2010 1:29 PM
83 degF; 1011 mbar
Power data - complete ride
Dist:       60.09 mi (3:17:38)
Energy:    1900.9 kJ
Cals Burn: 1817.3 kcal
Climbing:    4256 ft
Braking:   -114.1 kJ (-6.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  160.3   765  W
Aero        0   85.9  1137  W
Rolling     0   24.3    64  W
Gravity -1821    2.8   693  W
Speed     0.0   18.2  48.2  mi/h
Wind      9.7   17.0  37.9  mi/h
Elev      243    473   952  ft
Slope   -12.8   0.05  15.2  %
Caden       0   77.5   141  rpm
HR         76  136.7   190  bpm
NP 239 W; IF 0.861; TSS 244.4
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0039
173 lbs; 10/23/2010 12:07 PM
84 degF; 1011 mbar

2010 Tour de Cullman KOM race Heartrate data
2010 Tour de Cullman KOM race iBike Power data

  1. The steep hill after the two-lane plank bridge
  2. Omar comes to the front
  3. Omar pushes the pace up the first steep hill
  4. Omar attacks, only Stuart and I able to follow
  5. Ed attacks, I bridge, Omar chases
  6. The bottom step of Skyball
  7. The top step of Skyball

2010 Tour de Cullman complete ride heartrate data
2010 Tour de Cullman complete ride iBike Power data

  1. The easy ride on the way out
  2. The KOM/race portion of the ride
  3. The fun/hard/fast ride with a tailwind on the way back in

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Greenville Fall Cycling Extravaganza Day 1

Quick update from Greenville, raced hard tonight, made it onto the podium in 3rd place. Small but tough field! Strong teams from Hincapie and Subaru (3 riders each), and then a lot of strong solo riders, too. I made it into a couple good breaks, but with the downhill backside of the course and lots of strong riders not wanting to see the race go up the road, it always came back together. With maybe a lap and a half to go two riders slipped off the front and got a few seconds on the field. With half a lap to go, I attacked and was closing when I clipped a pedal hard in the last corner and thought I was going down. I still had a pretty good gap, though, so I was able to hold onto third with only one rider passing me before the line. I believe it was Darius from Myogenesis who passed me just before the line, and congrats to the Hincapie rider (and the whole team) who won. Great race. I think it was Wilmar from Hincapie taking a well deserved win.

Here’s my power stats…

Dist:       24.95 mi (1:00:40)
Energy:     858.7 kJ
Cals Burn:  821.0 kcal
Climbing:     949 ft
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  235.9   842  W
Aero        0  168.3   512  W
Rolling    19   32.8    46  W
Gravity  -551    0.4   466  W
Speed    14.2   24.7  34.8  mi/h
Wind      9.6   19.8  30.9  mi/h
Elev      712    730   753  ft
Slope    -5.1   0.00   5.4  %
Caden       4   79.4   113  rpm
HR        139  172.0   188  bpm
NP 303 W; IF 1.091; TSS 120.4
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0039
173 lbs; 10/9/2010 3:39 PM
81 degF; 1011 mbar

Ibike power and wind speed data …

Ibike power and wind speed data

Heartrate and power data …

Heartrate and power data

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Alabama State Time Trial Championships

Well, I guess my season isn’t quite over yet! Today, I won the Pro/1/2 division of the Alabama State Time Trial. The victory should have gone to Mike Olheiser who had already caught and passed me, but he had a flat tire and had to turn around. I was 3 seconds off of the fastest time of the day, which was put in by a strong Cat 3 rider Peter Dudle (Competitive Velo). I opted to do the race Eddy Merckx style with no aero equipment because I couldn’t get my clip-ons mounted on my handlebars last night. Still, even without any aero equipment, I was able to put in the second fastest time of the day out of all categories missing Peter’s time by just 3 seconds!

The course was challenging as it rolled constantly across the terrain, with one larger hill being the namesake of the course “Firetower Hill”. Since this was an out/back course, you got to see every hill twice — including Firetower because the turnaround was a couple miles past the bottom after you descended on the funnest part of the course. Check out my topocreator maps below:

2010 Alabama State Time Trial Championships – Firetower Time Trial (2D) 3D view of the 2010 Alabama State Time Trial – Firetower Time Trial

No heartrate data to post because I forgot not only my new iBike power meter but also my Garmin in the frenzy to get out the door this morning after a late night working. I got a good warm-up pre-riding most of the course. I started out fast, but I knew that the best thing I could do was try not to blow up on the early hills. That stayed my strategy pretty much throughout, and I was very happy with my time.

Alan Laytham was out on the course taking pictures, and he snagged this one of me on the descent off of Firetower Hill a couple miles before the turnaround.

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2010 Meridian / Cuba Omnium Race Report

Wow – I just had my first omnium win thanks to amazing teamwork by Tria Cycling this weekend at the Cuba Meridian Challenge Omnium.

Quick summary
Saturday criterium – 3rd place, I initiated 4-man break that lapped field, went too early in the finishing sprint to finish 3rd.

Sunday road race – 1st place, I won by a couple minutes after an 11 mile solo break.

Omnium - I ended up tied with Woody Boudreaux with 41 pts. The tiebreaker was the placing in the road race … so, I won!

The details
This is going to be a super busy week for me with the Fall semester starting back up and flying to New York at the end of the week for the Chris Thater memorial race – so I’m trying to hammer out this race report as fast possible … excuse the typos, incomplete thoughts, etc…


  • Some attacks went early, but they came back due to pretty fast initial pace.
  • Saw my opportunity to attack on the 6th lap and attacked going into turns 2, 3 and then carried my momentum up the hill before turn 4.
  • I wasn’t expecting to get away solo, but I had a good gap right away so I decided to push it.
  • I lasted out front by myself for about a lap and a half before Travis Sherman (Marx/Bensdorf) and Ryan (Woody) Boudreaux (Herring Gas) bridged up to me. Then Pat Allison (Ion Nutrition) bridged to the 3 of us.
  • We rotated well and quickly got out of sight of the field.
  • Eventually, we started closing in on lapping the field.
  • I wanted to attack early to see if any of the riders in our break were struggling and might get dropped and not finish making the bridge.
  • Unfortunately, all I ended up doing was overshooting turn 3 and swinging wide into the small parking lot area on the outside before coming back into the course.
  • Once we caught the group, I went straight through the group and tried to attack again, but couldn’t get away.
  • My teammate, Paul Tower, made it into a break off the front of the field and ended up winning that sprint for 5th place in the race
  • I moved into position behind Pat on the last lap with my teammate Stuart Lamp setting a high pace to keep people from shuffling around
  • Got separated from Pat when he went right and I went left around a slower rider about halfway through the lap.
  • Then in the finish, Pat was to my right and it looked like he was blocked in so I nailed it coming around left barely squeezing through the riders who were pulling off the front.
  • Unfortunately for me, it was pretty big headwind sprint and I went from 300 meters out – so I couldn’t hold it. Got passed by three people including Woody and Pat – so that meant I got third in the race.

Road Race
A couple moves went early in the race, but with the fast pace nothing was getting away. Well, that is until Wes launched a strong counter attack, taking Gavin (BBC) and two or three other riders with him – I’m still confused about how many people were in that original break. Wes pushed the pace hard, and their break pushed out its lead to nearly three minutes after the first of three laps.

I was very happy with Wes in the break, but about halfway through the second lap I was concerned that there might be too many people in the break which would increase the number of places ahead of Pat and Woody that I would need to finish in order to win the omnium. I was 9 points behind Woody and 5 points behind Pat, so if the break stayed away that would mean I would need to finish 4 or 5 spots ahead of them in the sprint … and I wasn’t sure I could do that given the fact that they had both beaten me in the sprint the day before. So I worked my way up to Stuart, and we had a discussion about what to do. We resolved that Paul could be the surprise winner if he got away solo and finished enough spots ahead. So Stuart asked Paul to attack and try to get away. This was advantageous to me because it meant that Herring Gas and possibly Pat would have to expend energy chasing Paul down – or Paul would get away and possibly sneak away with the omnium for our team!

Paul put in a hard acceleration on one of the first big rollers. He strung out the field until the elastic snapped with only Travis able to hold on. This wasn’t ideal because Travis who had gotten 4th yesterday was high in the overall. I knew that Herring would have to chase though b/c they couldn’t let Paul get away. Jake Brewer (Herring) put in a hard attack, and I was right there so I just went with him and was able to take the free ride up to Paul. The field was also right behind us, but Jake launched straight through the break and attacked again. I was still right there with him so I just followed his wheel.

We still didn’t get much separation, so it all came back together. A little earlier in the lap, James Hall had put in a good acceleration and gotten away solo and was pulling away from the pack. On the next hill right as we were catching James, I attacked again, this time taking Pat, Woody, and Travis. My thinking in initiating this break is that if we didn’t get a good gap, then that could be a good launch pad for Paul who could counter attack. We got a great gap, though, and I really pushed the pace hard at the beginning to extend our lead. With all the major teams represented, nobody was going to chase so our gap quickly grew and we settled into a good rhythm to make the bridge up to the leading break of 4. At the start of the last lap, we were given a couple time splits from spectators in the feedzone saying the gap was about 2 minutes. Within a couple miles we could see the break, and a couple miles later we had caught the lead group right at the bottom of the first big roller.

Pat put in the first attack – a very strong one on the first hill that whittled our group down to six riders with Travis suffering a bit in the heat with dehydration. I was planning on attacking on the last, largest hill but my teammate Wes Douglas ended up attacking before I could. This turned out to be perfect because it allowed me to slip to the back of our group and then catch everyone by surprise a minute or two later. Our pace had slowed down to 11mph, even with Wes rolling off the front so I decided that everybody must be struggling with the heat. It just felt like the perfect time to attack. I ramped it up and attacked very hard to make sure that I got a clean break so that Pat and Woody would have to chase hard to catch me. I hit a top speed of 26.5 mph going up the hill cresting the top (steepest part) at 22.5mph.

Even with a big initial gap, I wasn’t sure I could hold it to the finish with all the downhill rolling sections still left to come. First time split from the moto officila was: “looks like about a minute”. The next time split was: “still looks like a minute”. Then the one after that was: “I’d guess a minute and a half”. Then no more time splits. Turns out I ended up winning by about 3 minutes! Exhausted, I rode straight to the registration area where the organizers (Magnolia Cycling) always have lots of cold drinks waiting for us. Awesome!

Everyone from the team finished well with Wes finishing in the break after setting me up for my solo attack and win – and Paul cleaning up by winning the field sprint.

Meridian Criterium Heartrate Data

  1. My initial attack, which started out solo and morphed into 4-man break
  2. Attacking to try to finish bridging to the back of the field solo
  3. Positioning, resting, easier pace
  4. The finishing sprint

Cuba Road Race Heartrate Data

  1. Easy first lap with my teammate Wes up the road
  2. Paul’s initial acceleration and counter-attack from Jake Brewer
  3. My attack that established our 4-man chase group
  4. My attack to launch solo and win! (see zoomed portion below)

11 mile solo attack to win Cuba Road Race

  1. Maxed out at 26.5mph up this climb to launch my attack!
  2. Hurting really bad here, gap about a minute.
  3. The downhills hurt worse than the uphills here.
  4. Sat up at the very end when no one was in sight behind me.

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2010 Masters Road Nationals 30-34 Road Race – Report

(Left to right) John Delong (Gary Fischer – Subaru) 4th, Jonathan Jacob (Nuvo) 2nd, Andy Crater (Aerocat) 1st, Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse) 3rd, Brian Toone (Tria Cycling p/b 5th. I photoshopped John into the picture because an abrupt scheduling change of when the ceremony was going to be led to him missing the podium.

Analise cheering in the staging area before the start

My podium girl and boy!

The race went really well, and I ended up in 5th place and on the podium thanks to the awesome support that my wife documented in her guest blog yesterday that she typed up as we were driving home to Birmingham. My beautiful wife, who is getting to be a pro at the feedzone, handed me not one, not two, but 10 bottles during the race with only one dropped (b/c of me not her). So that means during the race I needed 11 bottles of water/gatorade. That was because the air temp was 101 degrees by the end of our race with a heat index of 113!!!

Quick summary: I missed the winning move when it went at the end of the 1st lap. With 14 laps to race I just didn’t think there was any way it was going to stick even with the firepower it had in it. But I was wrong. The break of 4 whittled itself down to a break of 3 that ended up winning by nearly 4 minutes. I attacked to bridge 3 times and it was the 3rd time that led to a successful solo break from the field. I bridged up to John Delong who was 4th on the road at that time, and the two of us worked together for nearly 30 miles gaining a maximum advantage of just over 1 minute and trimming the lead groups advantage to just 2 and a half minutes before the two of us started to die/wilt/fade/wish we were dead in the 113 degree heat index. So the lead group’s advantage swung the other direction to 4 minutes by the end and our advantage on the chasing field was only 11 seconds at the finish. It was definitely a hard fought 5th place for me!

How the race played out is really evident in my heartrate data so I’ve included the course map and heartrate data below.

2010 Cherokee Park Masters National Road Race Course – Louisville, KY

  1. Crazy fast from the gun – not feeling good at all here.
  2. Many attacks on the second lap, the winning break got away here.
  3. I attacked up the start/finish hill at the end of the second lap to try to bridge to the leaders. Didn’t make it.
  4. Conserving energy, very hot, tired, discouraged.
  5. Attacking on the Cochran Tunnel Hill to bridge to two riders who had rolled off the front about a mile or two earlier. Very encouraged by how good I felt attacking on the hill. Caught the riders near the top of the climb and slowed to try to form breakaway. Group of about six riders formed and we stayed away from chasing field before getting caught on the feedzone climb.
  6. Attacking on the Cochran Tunnel Hill again on the next lap. Got away solo and nearly a lap later bridged to John Delong who had rolled off a few miles earlier. We worked together with John pulling on most of the downhills, flats, and rolling sections and me pulling on each of the four climbs/hills. Together we were able to just barely stay away from what was left of the field with John taking a well-deserved 4th and me rolling in a few seconds later for 5th.

The Cochran Tunnel Hill was definitely my favorite part of the race. We drove through the Tunnel on I-64 on our way to the hotel on Tuesday night wondering if that was where the road race course crossed the interstate. Turns out that it not only was the spot, it was also the key spot of the race for me. The hill has a couple switchback like turns before straightening out. There is so many trees and vegetation that you don’t realize you are crossing over the interstate which goes through a tunnel through the hill. The speeds that I have highlighted on my heartrate data are the minimum speeds for a given climb of the hill. The first one (16.5mph) is the fastest climb that we did when I was with the field. The second one (18.5mph) is the attack I did to try to bridge to two riders who were chasing where I caught them before the top and slowed down to try to let them catch on to form a larger chase group. The third one (21mph) is the attack I did solo to get away from the field one lap later. I think I must have had a 20 second gap by the top of the 0.3 mile climb in order not to have gotten caught on the subsequent downhill. Then I was able to extend that lead on the feedzone climb which is only a mile from the top of the Cochran Hill. The last one (12mph) is the minimum speed that John and I did during our chase. I was completely exhausted in the heat and amazed that we were still in front of the field.

Crossing the finish line for 5th place – exhausted but very happy

Immediately after my race finished, my teammate Terry Duran started his 50-54 race, which he won!!! So one national championship and two national championship podiums in one day for Tria Cycling!!!

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Alabama State Criterium Championship

The folks down at the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center put on a great race yesterday — the Alabama State Criterium Championship. Good crowds too — even with the temps in the 90s. There was a bit of relief from the heat as part of the course went through a parking deck. Rare to find a course like that and still have it be safe, fast. Pretty big finishing hill, too, this course had everything!

I went for a $50 prime on the first lap, but got nipped at the line. My teammate, Darryl Seelhorst, attacked on the next lap and got a good gap with Miro Novak (Alabama Masters) bridging up to him. The two started working together and pulling away when Jan Kolar (Birmingham Bicycle Company) attacked to close the gap. I hopped on his wheel to cover the move and in just a matter of seconds we had caught Darryl and Miro and kept on going. Ryan Boudreaux (Herring Gas) and Jim Brock came across with us, and our break of 4 quickly had a good gap on the field. A few laps into the break, Jim came off the pace on the hill. We worked together well until two laps to go when we decided we would duke it out for the finish. Jan put in the first attack when he saw me and Ryan eyeing each other. Jan got a good jump and I spent about 1/2 a lap chasing him down. Once I caught him, I wasn’t sure what to do, but at that moment Ryan attacked with about 1/2 of a lap left. I was in second going into the final corner and jumped hard coming out of the corner up the hill. I got the gap and held it to the line for my first criterium win and also bringing home the Alabama State Criterium Championship to Tria Cycling!

Here’s my heartrate data for the race -

  1. Going for (and not getting) the first prime
  2. Covering Jan’s move, which became the winning break
  3. Committing to the break
  4. Our pace slowed as we lapped people from the field
  5. Chasing Jan
  6. The finishing sprint

After the race, Jan and I went on a recovery ride around Mobile — which was awesome — with very little traffic. We went over the Cochrane Bridge, which is nearly 150ft high with a beautiful view of the bay and downtown area. Then we went through the Montgomery Tunnel, which was even better because it was a steep descent followed by a gradual climb dumping you right out into the middle of downtown. Then we rode through all of downtown with the many old Live Oak trees with hanging moss. Hardly any traffic anywhere on a late Saturday afternoon and we really got enjoy the scenery. Check out the map I made of the ride -

Check out a few of Jan’s great photos from the ride -

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Anaerobic Threshold:
Power:315 watts
Heart rate:180 bpm
Power:1097 watts (5s)
Heart rate:198 bpm (5s)
AT power estimated by critical power curve in Golden Cheetah, which predicts I should be able to maintain 315 watts for 1 hour.

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